Media Coverage

Words matter: Reporting crashes in the media

Can you spot the difference in the following headlines? “Vehicle Injures Woman, Police Say” “Young Woman Faces Debilitating Injuries After Being Struck by Driver, While in Crosswalk” The first headline uses passive verbs which separates the action from the subject. The language clearly creates a victim-blaming division of “us” vs “them.” […]

BWCF’s Amanda Day reminds you to STOP on RED with News 13

Although stopping on red is seemingly a “no-brainer,” close to 25% of all traffic accidents are caused by drivers failing to stop at a red light or stop sign. The cause? Distractions such as texting on your cell phone and aggressive driving due to anger and stress. Each  year, the […]

Orlando Commits to Safety

The City of Orlando is working hard to make the City Beautiful more comfortable for people walking. Late last year, the city committed to Vision Zero: a goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2040.  With this goal in mind, they are taking steps to boost walkability and […]